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In Brief: if you are a manufacturer, we help you place your product in foreign markets. If you are in the retail business we are your one stop solution to fill your store with great value products for cleaning, home ware, gifts and food.

We develop you product starting form the concept and idea to the proper image for it, a strategic marketing campaign and a study of the placement the product will have in the market we want to explore. Your products, our experience.

On the other hand, we are also involved in the constant development of new products for our well-established customer base.

Customer Services
  • Extensive promotional campaigns
  • Multiple shipment orders
  • Weekly electronic orders
  • Coordination and tracking of shipments
  • Planned and programmed promotions built according to your specific needs
  • Electronic invoicing via EDI
Supplier Services

  • Support in the designing of labels, price setting and UPC
  • Specialized sales, marketing and customer service teams
  • Brand positioning
  • Determine the cost of import / export
  • Proceedings for corresponding certifications (of origin, quality, sanity, norms)
  • Consultation and support for marketing and international commerce
  • Search for new foreign customers / products
  • Electronic invoicing via EDI