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We are a team specialized in exporting and commercializing goods; dedicated to the constant development of new products for cleaning, home and nutritional goods.

We search for the adequate product and quality to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Analyzing the viability for new sale opportunities and making use of our knowledge of the market and the potential existing for new businesses. Product selection is our main purpose and we have the experience to promote, develop and design the best strategies for their placement in the market.


expicorp`s added value


  • Over 20 years of experience in the market, we have the know how and the strategy for international business success.
  • We have a privileged place with our customers; we have built a reputation for being respectable and reliable, thanks to our stable and lasting relationships.
  • Our communication channels are always open for our customers to provide the best solutions at the briefest turn around time.
  • US Hispanic Market experts.
  • We help develop your product to its full potential from packaging, presentation, design, placement and policy assurance compliment according to each countries policy.