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To provide the best Mexican products to those who distribute them and
appreciate the quality of our lines. Doing this to at the best price possible.

To contribute to the development of the country supporting the qualified local industry.

To provide an exceptional and innovative service to our clients.



  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Continuous learning
  • Internationalization






We are a company with over 25 years of experience working in the development of new products and services for the American marketplace. We represent a number of manufacturers in the NAFTA zone.

Our products have proven to be exceptionally vaulable for our customers and their stores.

We start with a careful selection and various detailed studies of each product to maximize the potential that each one has.

Our offices are strategically located in Mexico, the USA and Canada. We are proud to provide services with flexible options and in English, Spanish or French.

The primary target of our company is to open new markets for the Mexican exports based on the necessities of the global consumers.

Staff - Mexico

Lic. Francisco X. López Ramírez
General Director

Studied Administration at Mexico National University. Graduated with honors. Transferred to Monterrey searching better opportunities and accomplished an MBA through the ITESM. Attained ample corporate experience after 7 years as a high executive for CYDSA in Monterrey. Founded a succesfull snack business that included 150 routes and 6 foreign warehouses. Also worked as an advisor for strategic planning for the ORSAN Group.

Later on moved to Toronto, Canada and entered a joint venture just as the NAFTA was being signed and international commerce entered a peak moment.


Lic. Mauricio López Horta
General Manager

Studied International Relations at the ITESM. Attended the Center for European Studies in the University of Maastricht in Holland, and specialized in business and international marketing in the Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris, France.

Since 2001 he is in charge of the marketing area for Expicorp and provides support for suppliers in the development of new products and markets.


Lic. Leticia Horta de López

Ever since we initiated operations, Leticia has been in front of the finance department of the company, assuring a transparent administration in all the operations that Expicorp has been involved from the beginning. Her previous experience has occurred in different scopes of the private initiative.


Lic. Diana Delgadillo
Executive Assistant

Bachelor in Commercial Relations by the IPN. Seminary "Administration as a strategic capital of the micro and small business". Since 1997 she is part of ExpiCorp as Executive Assistant.



Lic. Irma Delgadillo
Customer Service

Attended the Commercial Executive Secretary School. Her trajectory has been ample collaborating in companies like Inter-American Insurances, Congregation of Mexico, Beecham of Mexico and Televisa.


Guadalupe de la Fuente
Customer Service


Head of Personnel for over 9  years in the area of Human Resources in Lanzagorta International. Then worked during 3 years in Axinval  Stock market in the area of Personnel Administration.


Don. Erasmo
Payment and collection


Staff - U.S.

Beverly Maclin



Mac Maclin



John Bennett



Don Maclin



Lisa Crain
Customer Service







Ann Luerman
Customer Service


Expicorp - Canada

Expicorp is represented in Canada by RECO