It would not be possible to think of EXPI Corp with out the valuable cooperation from our strategic partners.


Our customs agent and close collaborator in everything involving an import / export process.

With a stock warehouse located in Laredo, Texas.

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Our representatives in Canada. A company born simultaneously to EXPICORP.

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Company dedicated to providing, selling and servicing, supermarket furniture.

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Our contact for the E.U. and also provider for marine services and products.

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Suppliers and partners

Now that EXPI Corp is well placed in the market, our main objective is, not only to stay where we are, but also to maintain our pace towards better utilities for, our customers our suppliers and us.

Because we are in this together.

Representatives and partners

We realize that collaboration and teamwork are the best resources to build a business.

We strive to find, establish and maintain long lasting relations with teams that feel the same commitment we feel towards our associates.



We are too...

Contact Us if you consider that your product has what it takes to be among our product line.

If you are convinced that we can work together to achieve something bigger, if you have the vision and the talent, we have the know how.